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Rights - Single. Recently an album called 'real nastic'. Cute Face / Cute Face - Single. Solidarity / Solidarity - Single. True Love / True Love - Single. Upliftment / Upliftment - Single. Love and Unity / Love and Unity - Single.

Jim.nastic sexdate
jim.nastic sexdate

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Jah So Real / Jah So Real - Single. Real Name: Paul Sinclair, profile: JIM nastic AKA JIM brown - born Paul Sinclair in Kingston Jamaica, original Studio One. In 1986 passed through Youthman Promotion. Rappa Robert also on the studio one label. He has toured Bermuda and the USA and in 2000 toured France. Also, 'dem a pirate' and 'minister fi ganga combinations with. Stop (Pop Remix) (Feat. Memba Jah / Memba Jah - Single.

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